Thursday, April 24, 2014

About me

I was born in Quito - Ecuador but relocated to work in the US in 2006 and settled down in Midland, Texas
I live with my wife and two beautiful daughters; I still have two of my sons living in Ecuador whom I love and miss so much.
I work in the Oil business industry during the day and still carve out some time to do Astrophotography at night. I became interested in Astrophotography since 2011 and have been imaging regularly since then.  I have always been interested in the universe and thanks to a friend of mine which I call my mentor Carlos Ortega I started learning about the mysteries of the cosmos.
The first time I took a picture of the moon I was hooked with this amazing hobby!  Most of my images have been taken it in my backyard.  Midland still being a small city so light pollution is not a big issue yet.  From time to time I travel to Fort Davis two hours away from home to enjoy the beautiful Texas dark skies.  For some reason Deep Sky Objects are my main targets, the beauty of the unknown and the magic of the invisible makes it more challenge to me.
I’m always passionate for all the things I love and astrophotography is the perfect blend of the technical process and the very aesthetic.
The most important thing I learned in my live was to dream. Therefore you must chase your dreams, there is no challenge impossible. Keep dreaming, pursuit your dreams, and later your soul will be full of happiness.
Thank you for visiting my Astrophotography gallery
Francisco Herrera
Midland, Texas
April 2014

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